How did I choose Vim

I am now a huge fan of Vim, and I’m gonna dedicate some of the first posts of this brand new blog on that subject. First, I’m gonna answer the question “How did I choose Vim”.

I began with Notepad++ (yes, I was developing on windows at the beginning…), which was good (and probably still is), but even with some plugins, it was not really practical. Then I tried Zend Studios, where I discovered some tools (like the integrated PHP Documentation, the database integration, … etc). But it was relying on Eclipse, which I just can’t bear.

Then I stayed a little while on Netbeans (until two years ago or something like that), before going on PHPStorm, as I had an open source license thanks to my templating engine, which is not maintained anymore. But, the thing is… All I ever did use was at most 10% of the capabilities of such monsters. And, getting a cup of coffee (or tea, or whatever) each time I wanted to launch them was pretty boring (yes, that was a troll of a sorts)

So, I migrated to Sublime Text. It was good, and offered some good plugins. And then a friend of mine suggested me to use Vim a little bit more than what I was using it for (botching a script over ssh, …). Okay, it may seems a little bit “unfriendly” at first, but I said “meh, let’s try it”. After I spent a little bit of time (*cough, cough*) configuring it to my likings, well, I definitely adopted it ; it’s been now a little bit less than two years since I started doing so, and I’m still pretty happy with it.

Next time, I’m gonna introduce through a bunch of posts how did I configure it, even though you may check my dotFiles repository for my .vimrc file.

A screen for my vim

Hello world, I'm back !

Hi there,

It’s been a while I didn’t take the time to update my blog. And to be honest, the last time I updated it, all its article were in french, on multiple subjects… Let’s say everything that went through this crazy head of mine.

So, now, I think it is time to reset everything. I already changed my old wordpress (which is not accessible anymore…) into a Jekyll system, even though it is now working through a strange hook, as Github Pages does not authorize to add any plugins.

The old articles are available as “drafts”, but are still in french on my blog repository (you’ll find the link in the sidebar). Even though there is a lot of crap, once I sort them out, and translate them, they will be retroactively published here. I don’t know when I’ll do it, or if I will ever do it, so… Don’t get your hopes up.

Oh and by the way, most of my technical articles here will probably also be published onto the dev blog of the company I’m currently working at, Wisembly.

See you soon ! :)